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… however you’ll still wind up getting one.

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17 Replies to “Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Everything”

  1. If I ever propose with a ring, I’ll do what my father did: buy a good looking ring for less than $50. 25 years later my mother still has the ring and they are still happily married.

  2. Uh just buy a lab grown diamond. They’re cheap and if anything, they’re so perfect that that’s how they can tell it was man-made.

  3. Love the content here, and great facts… but man, believe it or not, some of us still care about language. Your other (later?) ones are great – this one shocked me. And yeah, I’m not college age now… but I thought that even in middle school.

  4. Wow. I’ve watched about a hundred of these in a row, but what happened on this one?
    Was he especially passionate about this subject? Or was this early on in his show?
    Or is this more recent and he’s more liberated?
    The swearing was off the charts…..relatively speaking.
    I’m no prude, but again this was after a series of many of these viewed, and whamo!!
    He just laid the swears out there.
    Just an observation.

    1. @3I337 That would make sense.
      I wasn’t complaining. I just thought it felt different than all of the other episodes I’d seen.

  5. My wife stopped by each jewelers in towns for years, she told me which diamond rings she liked. After four years together, she suggested a second honeymoon. I took out a loan and bought her a ring with three half caret diamonds. I booked a week at the hotel where we had our honeymoon. At a candlelit dinner, I brought out the ring. Her face dropped. She had wanted a solitaire.

  6. When I was looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend, now wife. The very first jeweler I went to tried to basically shame me in not getting a ring with a big rock on it.
    I explicitly told the jeweler that my GF does not like to wear expensive jewelry, in fact she even despises wearing any sort of diamonds or pearls. Yet the jeweler (Who was a woman I might add) was basically trying chastise me in saying “I was being too cheap for my girlfriend, that women are secretly all materialistic, and that she doesn’t wear her own fiance’s wedding ring because it was too cheap. Showing off her empty hand as “proof”.

    I left that jeweler and instead tried a local independent store. Eventually I picked out a band that costed about $80 that didn’t have a diamond in it, but it has a very unique artistic shape. And my GF is an artist herself. She absolutely loved the ring, and took whatever opportunity she could take to wear it. Which is saying a lot since she doesn’t like jewelry.

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