TIFFANY ENGAGEMENT RING – Why Tiffany costs more and how to find a ring in your budget

This video is all about my Tiffany Engagement Ring. Tiffany & Co engagement rings in the Tiffany setting have been around for over 135 years. Tiffany rings are iconic and loved worldwide with good reason. Watch my video to get details on my ring, our buying experience and my review after having had my Tiffany ring for almost 2 years. Also check out my jewelry playlist to see more details on all of my jewelry pieces plus see my entire jewelry collection video.

Background- 0:00
The 4 Cs – 3:00
The details – 5:05
Price explained – 6:30

My Ring Type:
Tiffany Solitaire round brilliant in the Tiffany setting –

Other ring mentioned:
Tiffany soleste with halo –

Every ring, every Diamond is different and prices are all over the place. Just figure out what you like and go in to try them on.

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DAVID YURMAN, CARTIER & ROBERTO COIN BRACELETS & RINGS | my favorite 18k gold and diamond jewelry


29 Replies to “TIFFANY ENGAGEMENT RING – Why Tiffany costs more and how to find a ring in your budget”

  1. Hi I was trying to find your video where you share more information on your safe. (I”m looking for something similar but smaller) but the video is private 🙁 can you let me know what is the brand of the safe. Hoping I can get it here in Houston?

    1. @JODI M MOSLEY Got it, thank you! I was looking for your older video because I know you mentioned it there. Thank you 🙂

  2. It’s awesome how you cover luxury items in such a beautifully natural, down to earth manner. Awesome!

  3. BTW it’s funny how yes, the diamond is STUUUUNNNNING but my eye veers towards the little David Yurman (?) ring on your pointer finger! haha. I’m a sucker for this type of ring style. You wear all these beautifully! Keep doing the amazing work you are!

  4. I tell you what..I’d take a quarter karat Tiffany ring than a kay 2 karat. You try to sell that Tiffany ring years later…you might get something for it. That kay ring? You ain’t getting but the gold melt price or you might be able to take advantage of some guy looking for a ring for his fiancé and sell it for a little more. Remember..the smaller the diamond..the more real it looks. And then there is the whole blood diamonds thing…Tiffany claims to be “blood free” so..there’s that. I like how you pair the gold and white gold/platinum all together. I always had this dilemma of “Well I like both so I’d have to have a ring that was both silver and gold in color”. But what you did with your jewelry doesn’t look bad at all! I can’t afford all the stuff you have but I am smart enough to know if I ever get married..I might as well invest in the best.

    1. @JODI M MOSLEY lol right. You actually led me to the Embrace band to go with my solitaire. Thanks 🙂 the band is in my budget

  5. I was so disappointed when I bring to a second hand shop that my ring was worth only $300… (it was a Tiffany white gold atlas ring with diamonds)

  6. Ok this helped me alot, wanted to get my gf a tiffsny and co engagement ring but saw other stores and how they had more carrot and cheaper, but tiffany rings do look so much prettier. Thanks for the help

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